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This May, Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel and Spray Gel* are supporting Chickenpox Awareness Month to help assist parents with information and advice for managing the condition.

Chickenpox is an extremely common and highly contagious virus, which most children will catch at some point. It is thought that almost all children will get chickenpox before the age of ten[1] .

Whilst chickenpox is distressing for children who have the virus, it can also affect the whole family as the sleepless nights and irritating symptoms take over. Care ViraSoothe is giving away £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers to help bring the family back together so you can treat everyone to something they’ll love.

If you currently have a child at home that has chickenpox, or are concerned that your child might catch the chickenpox virus, Care ViraSoothe has put together this handy guide of how to soothe and manage the symptoms.

To be in with the chance of winning the £250 voucher, check out Care ViraSoothe’s chickenpox survival guide below and answer the question at the end!

Stay Hydrated
It’s very important that you ensure your child stays well hydrated whilst experiencing chickenpox. This will help prevent the skin from further drying out. Dry skin can increase the itchy sensation your child may be feeling, making the symptoms worse. If your child has spots around the mouth, regular intake of cold fluids will also help soothe the soreness here.

Cool The Itch
Chickenpox can be very itchy for children, however itching chickenpox spots can be very harmful. Repeatedly itching the spots can cause broken skin which will leave your child vulnerable to infections.

To soothe the need to itch, try Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel and Spray Gel*. Care ViraSoothe helps cool and soothe the unpleasant symptoms whilst helping to reduce scarring.

Care ViraSoothe helps to cool the skin and relieve itching, which aids in reducing the desire to scratch the skin. Not scratching the skin can help prevent infection[2]. Therefore, Care ViraSoothe helps to break the itch, scratch, infection cycle by helping to calm the persistent itch.

Contact Your Pharmacist
Chickenpox is usually quickly and reliably diagnosed by parents, and can be soothed at home. Nonetheless, if you would like advice or are concerned about any of the symptoms, you should call your local pharmacist for advice in the first instance. However, you should try and avoid visiting the GP with your child to prevent the chance of infecting vulnerable members of the public.

Try Paracetamol & Oral Antihistamines
Along with the skin irritation, your child may develop a fever and could be experiencing pain. If this is the case, infant paracetamol will help with the pain and discomfort. In some cases, your pharmacist may also recommend oral antihistamines to help prevent itching, which can be useful overnight.

We’ve also quizzed GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis** on how to manage chickenpox and she shares her wisdom:

“There isn’t really much you can do to avoid chickenpox. Be aware that your child is infectious from two days before the rash emerges until all the spots have crusted over. To avoid the infection spreading further, keep children off nursery or school and away from vulnerable groups of people including pregnant women, elderly and people with a weakened immune system.”

“Encourage your child not to scratch the spots to avoid scarring, and soothe itchiness with products.”

**Dr Sarah Jarvis does not endorse any brands

Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel is available at supermarkets and Boots stores nationwide, retailing at £5.73 for 50g and £8.43 for 75g. The Spray Gel is £8.43 for 75g. The 50g Gel is also currently on offer at Morrison’s supermarkets nationwide for £4!



To be in with the chance of winning the £250 Family John Lewis Voucher, answer the following question:

Which cycle does Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel and Spray Gel help break?

a) Itch, Scratch, Infection Cycle of Chickenpox

b) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Cycle

c) School, Homework, Bed Cycle

*The competition is open to residents of the UK, over 18 years only and closes on Friday 15 June. All enrants will be entered from 1 May until 15 June.

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