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Closing Date: 31st March 2018

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Hedrin Once
This thick gel formulation contains Penetrol® to aid penetration into the louse egg. Hedrin Once has been awarded the esteemed ‘Stamp of Approval’ from Mumsnet after 250 parents gave it the all-round thumbs up. This product has recently been added to the Drug Tariff. Available in spray gel (60ml £7.49) and liquid gel (100ml £10.49) from pharmacies including Boots.

Hedrin Treat & Go
A fuss-free solution which is great for children who just want to get out and play. When dry, the solution remains on the child’s hair for eight hours while they play, go to school or sleep. Hedrin Treat & Go is a water-based treatment which rinses out of hair easily, without any greasy residue. It requires two applications, seven days apart. The Mousse (100ml £12.99) is available from pharmacies including Boots.

Hedrin Protect & Go
Hedrin Protect & Go is a clinically proven head lice protection spray which offers parents the opportunity to deal proactively with the threat of infestation. A gentle conditioning spray to help stop head lice taking hold. Simply spray on after every hair wash, or at least twice a week. The Spray (120ml £4.29) is available from pharmacies including Boots.

Hedrin Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion
The unique gel base in Hedrin Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion carries lubricant oil that releases the chemical bond between the egg and the hair, allowing the egg to slide off easily. Research has shown that it is 10 times more effective than combing alone, both from dry hair and when compared to hair treated with a conditioning shampoo. The Solo lotion (RRP £4.99) and kit (RRP £7.29) are available from pharmacies including Boots.

Hedrin detection comb
The easy, effective way to spot head lice and nits. The comb is made from tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and the teeth are precision engineered to trap the lice and prevent bending in use. Plus, it’s clinically tested to ensure comfort and accuracy. Headlice Detection Comb is available for £3.49 from pharmacies.

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Who wrote the fairytale Rapunzel?

a) Arthur Rackham

b) Hans-Christian Andersen

c) Brothers Grimm

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