Getting your child's 11+ foundations right!

Getting your child’s 11+ foundations right!

Places at Grammar and Independent schools are highly sought after in Warwickshire & Solihull and every year, the competition continues to rise.

So when should I start my child’s 11+ preparation?

Research shows that with the right guidance, children who start their preparation in Year 4 and 5 have ample time to make progress in their studies. This allows time to expand key skills, identify any weaker areas and tackle them directly.

What can KSOL do for you and your child?

We combine over 16 years of experience in the CEM Assessment format to create up-to-date personalised online programmes. These are monitored by a team of qualified and caring tutors. Every child is considered as an individual and courses are tailored to help improve particular areas of weakness.

Our educational advisors are always available to offer you and your child additional support and guidance when you need it. KSOL ensure no stone is left unturned to help provide your child with the best 11+ education and you with the peace of mind that you are on the right track.

Benchmark your child’s ability and increase confidence with a full CEM 11+ mock exam! These are designed to reflect the 11+ standard expected from your child at each stage in the year, providing helpful checkpoints and detailed feedback. Your KSOL tutor will then target any weaker areas from the exam and incorporate them into your child’s online programme!

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