Five Benefits Of 11 Plus Mock Exams


Taking the 11+ examination can be a daunting prospect for children as well as parents who naturally want the very best education for their children.  We understand this and are able to offer the opportunity to expose your child to authentic examination conditions but in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Our examination papers are updated to reflect the recent changes to the 11 plus exams and we send results via email on the day following each 11 plus mock exam.  The report identifies strengths and weaknesses, so that we can target the areas which need attention.  Our mock exams can also be used to independently monitor your child’s progress.

We can help your child build confidence under examination conditions and overcome nerves, develop effective examination techniques and become familiar with the format of the CEM 11 Plus used in Birmingham, Walsall, Warwickshire & Wolverhampton. Book online at:

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