Slim Your Bin is a campaign helping residents of Warwickshire to waste less and recycle more in order to slim their rubbish bins. By slimming your bin, you'll help to shrink your environmental footprint and save money at the same time!

The more you do to Slim Your Bin, the more you can win for a local charity and the more chance you'll have of winning vouchers for yourself.


When you sign up, we'll set you up with a 4 week training plan to help you Slim Your Bin. Each week we'll send you emails on a new bin slimming theme: from shifting everything you can from your rubbish bin to recycling bin; getting the right thing in the right bin; cutting down on food waste; and minimising waste in general.



When you activate your account you will choose which community you belong to depending on where you live. You can see these communities below:

The five communities will compete to earn the most points and top the leader board, which you can view on the homepage.

Every year, the community that has earned the most points will win £650 to donate to one of five charities. The projects being supported are:

Every dieter has the chance to vote for the charity they'd like their community to support - simply head to the homepage and click the 'Vote' button under your favourite.


Every month we'll reward the top dieters who have earned the most points with a £20 voucher, from a choice of:



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