Meat-Free Mondays

Primary Times received the below article from Rosa aged 10, who receives our publication.  She asked if we could publish it for her which we have. 


I am Rosa. I’m ten and I live in Darlington. I was born into a vegetarian (later vegan) family and I have always known and cared for animals. I think humans are responsible for so many terrible things including horrific factory farming, climate change and animal testing. My dog is a kind, beautiful beagle who was rescued at six years old from a laboratory. She had spent most of her life in pain and she still has moments when her past hurts her. Humans can do terrible things, but they can also do good by buying cruelty-free products and eating less meat.

Meat- Free Mondays have been around for a few years. Everyone in France is doing them. The U.K. only does them in a few schools, but they can really help animals, people and the environment. Some people may think ‘what would we eat, dry potato?’ but there are some very nice vegetarian (and vegan) foods you could try. Vegetarian food does not have to be healthy all the time; you can still eat chips! Here are some of the benefits of Meat-Free Mondays:




If everybody had one day when they didn’t eat meat or dairy, it would massively help the environment, animals and your health. Why not ask your school to do Meat-free Mondays? Please try to eat less meat. If you are struggling, here are some websites you could try:

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