Touring dates: 15 March to 28 May Oily Cart sends their new show Space to Be direct into homes, telling the story through a series of packages

Touring dates: 15 March to 28 May

Oily Cart sends their new show Space to Be direct into homes, telling the story through a series of packages

Space to Be has been created particularly for shielding families with disabled young people all over the UK. Space to Be explores each family's unique story: how each person, and each family, is individual, but connected like a constellation in the universe.

Space To Be aims to support families who have had to shield long-term, and take on additional caring responsibilities, because of the pandemic. It offers opportunities for the whole family to be together in the sensory present, creating moments of connection between parents, young person and siblings.

A week before the show begins, an envelope arrives for the adult containing a fancy tea bag, chocolate and supporting resources, so they can take some time by themselves to get acquainted with the experience. On the day the show starts, a set of five numbered packages arrives at their home.

Space To Be explores all the senses, with the packages containing audio, light, smells, shapes and textures. The team have designed and made a series of beautiful and unique sensory objects that the disabled young person, adult and other family members can experience individually, and together.

At first, the narrative focuses on the relationship between adult and young person, "Once upon a time there was you and me", stimulating their shared memories. Over the week, this focus gradually expands, bringing the family together in moments of play and connection. The family is left with a keepsake to remember their experience.

As well as finding families through their networks, Oily Cart are partnering with local charities to connect with families who have not experienced Oily Cart's work before and/or are from areas particularly impacted by coronavirus.

The company are inviting families to register their interest to have the show delivered in these areas; North West, Yorkshire and Humber, North East, South West, East of England/SE England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Wandsworth/London, West Midlands and the East Midlands.

Ellie Griffiths, Artistic Director says: "The Oily Cart team are really excited to be putting all the care, artistry and wonder of a full scale, live sensory theatre show into this new personalised, tiny theatre format. We are working with a group of incredible artists, musicians and families to create an experience that will fly the family audiences through the universe in their imaginations. We hope this will briefly transform how the families experience their homes in lockdown, bringing in moments of sensory theatre magic. At a time when it's not possible for families to come to the theatre to see Oily Cart's shows, it feels right that instead we come to them. Space to Be aims to create precious moments that can be shared and enjoyed together as a whole family, connecting with each other and the cosmos!"

Space to Be is the third project in Oily Cart's 'Uncancellable Programme', developed in response to the global health crisis. Until the end of the pandemic, the company will take work online, into homes and onto the streets to ensure they are serving their community throughout this difficult time.


Google Form for families to register their interest:

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