Fuel Your Mind & Body with Geomagworld

Fuel Your Mind & Body with Geomagworld

Geomag encourages a child’s healthy appetite by playing with their nutritious Magicube building blocks. We know how hard it can be to get children to choose the healthiest food choice, after all we can struggle ourselves surrounded by so many sugary temptations.

While some brands have fast-food and sweet based shapes and pictures on their toys such as pizza, cakes, even burgers.  At Geomag we believe we all have a part to play in promoting healthy decisions and only show nourishing foods and fruits on our toys.

It is this commitment to a healthy body and healthy mind which makes our award winning Magicube items a staple ingredient in children’s development. Geomag Magicube is a construction system created by Geomag, the leader in magnetic toys. Geomag has reinvented the classic building with cubes game and has made it incredibly fun and most of all magical! These cubes can stick together on any side. They can even remain suspended in the air! This way the structures become surprising and easy to build for everyone, even for very small children.  

Magicube Fruits is a great start to a toddler’s developmental growth. Helping them connect blocks on all sides, whilst learning about and recognizing healthy fruits such as a banana, strawberry, cherries, grapes, apple and orange.

The Stem.org certified set helps build a child’s knowledge, creativity, fine motor skills and most importantly stimulating imaginative play. 

The Geomag Magicube Fruit Set comes with 4 blocks, meaning you can create a whole fruit, or mix them up to make a mixed-up fruit salad. The importance of showing children healthy options at a young age can really make a difference. 

The creative set has magnets on all sides allowing a unique way to build. Once play time is over you can keep the education flowing by letting your child help you prepare their very own delicious fruit salad. Helping reinforce healthy and positive choices.

The Geomag Magicube Fruit MSRP £11.99 from Amazon

Download the Geomagworld app on iOS and Android stores or check out the web version, with interactive instructions for all product lines and many alternative ideas to create and share your new construction projects!


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