New Music School in Teesside

Teesside songwriter, Christopher Griksaitis, after his experience in the Disney production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the launch of his debut album “The Piano and Me”, has launched a music - creative school in Teesside, Apollo Creative Arts, to help both children and adults from beginners to advanced in their music, creative writing, drama, languages, dance and photography journeys. Lessons are currently online, but the school will offer face-to face lessons once COVID-19 is over.

Apollo Creative Arts is the result of the belief that “Creativity is the foundation of humanity.” Throughout human evolution, from when the first men lived in the caves to when Apollo 11 landed to the moon for the first time, we always searched for a way to express ourselves and communicate with others so we could forge relationships and unique memories and experiences.

Based in Teesside, Apollo Creative Arts aim to support Teesside and the North East Community develop creative and digital skills and connect the local area with the rest of the world and the world with Teesside through professional, interactive and personalised online lessons. 

“We believe that arts are not just hobbies or exercises to reduce stress,” said Christopher Griksaitis, the founder of Apollo Creative Arts. 

“Learning to play an instrument, to speak a new language or to write a poem gives you a discipline, gives you skills to use in any industry and helps you see the world through a more emotive and colourful perspective.

“I’ve spent my entire life studying music, drama and different languages here in Teesside and this helped me to travel the world and even realise some of my biggest dreams: such as meeting Alan Menken, one of the greatest composers of Walt Disney’s soundtracks. 

“The arts and teaching fields have been evolving, especially because of COVID-19 and to face this new era, it’s important that we can incorporate effective digital lessons. I think that Apollo Creative Arts is what we need right now: a community where age, where you come from or if you want to become a professional artist doesn’t matter. We just want to encourage everybody to express themselves and achieve whatever goals they choose.”

Christopher, 29, has been involved in music his entire life. He started piano lessons when he was five-years-old with a local Teesside teacher, and later learned the violin and viola before joining the Tees Valley Youth Orchestra and Choir, which sent him on a path to study Vocal and Operatics at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.


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