Horsham District Mystery Trails

Whistlestop Arts have created seven free outdoor mystery trail games across the Horsham District; in Billingshurst, Henfield, Horsham, Pulborough, Southwater, Steyning, Storrington. These immersive and exciting trails have broad appeal; for families, young people and adults. If you like outdoor adventures, solving puzzles or doing escape rooms, you will love their mystery trails.

Join Answare, President of the Curators Alliance, and the seven Curators, including Adwin Inkwell, the writer from Horsham, Sybil, the Oracle of Southwater and Royd Ellwood Storrington’s Woodland Gatekeeper, to help solve the district mystery in one or more of their seven interactive town trails. Join Answare and the Curators’ Alliance Cabinet of Cures quest. Visit the town library to collect your Curators’ Alliance notebook and trail. Stay for food and drink, browse the shops, explore the library, local heritage and discover the hidden gems of each town.

Sign up to Answare’s newsletter and receive more puzzles and stories throughout the year. whistlestoparts.org/ mysterytrails The ERDF’s Welcome Back Fund supports Horsham District Mystery Trails enabling their communities to enjoy their high street businesses, surrounding areas and time spent together.

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