Last Thursday evening, the International School of London and ISL Surrey Primary School were delighted to be awarded the ‘Highest Commendation Award’ in the category of ‘School Offering Outstanding Support’ at the prestigious Relocate Awards 2018. The ISL UK Schools are the only award international schools in the UK, who place the whole family and staff at the heart of everything they do. ISL Surrey Primary School won the award for ‘Excellence in Family and Employee Support’ in 2013 and in being recognised again this year, the ISL UK Schools continue to show their expertise and passion in this area. “While mobility amongst students, family and staff is part of being in an international school, we know that one of the critical factors in settling into a new community is the support received.

We believe that academic potential cannot be reached unless our basic needs are met and this is why we set up our Transitions team - to ensure that every single member of our community; students, parents and staff belongs. We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised for our ongoing support and commitment to our community.” Claudine Hakim, Head of Admissions, Transitions and External Relations, ISL UK Schools.

“I think the quality of the International School of London transition comes down to 2 key factors; one is the school size – big enough to matter and small enough to allow quick familiarity and human contact. Second is the school community, a feeling of togetherness which is spontaneous, caring and informal. Sometimes you feel you made the right choice in life – for us choosing International School of London feels like one of those rare occasions.” Evangelos (parent, International School of London)

“Our two boys came home happy on day one. The very warm welcome by the teachers, children and their buddies, the understanding of their needs and attention made them feel safe and welcomed. . . . Today, 3 years on, now chair of the PTA and I still feel as strongly about the school as I did after those first few weeks.” Camilla (parent ISL Surrey Primary School)

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