Rock’n’Roll with Two Pianos

They’re coming back to Goole! Join the sensational David Barton and Al Kilvo, along with their top-class band as they battle it out to deliver the best rock 'n' roll piano experience audiences have seen.

Feel the energy and witness the foot stomping performance of Two Pianos as they bring you to your feet and have you dancing in the aisles, singing hits from Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Elvis, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Everly Brothers and more!


“Two Pianos are truly awesome rockers!”

— Jerry Lee Lewis


“There is enough talent and individuality in his act for him to make his mark nationally and not just for a year or three.”

— The Stage


“So, it was non-stop electrifying Rock ’n’ Roll all the way except for a glorious interlude where they found themselves playing straight, snatches of everything from Beethoven to Rachmaninov, just for the hell of it, just because they could and seemingly wanted to playfully out-bravura each other.”

— The Yorkshire Times

Two Pianos
Fri 4 Nov, 7.30pm
Sat 5 Nov, 7.30pm

Tickets: £15
01405 763 652

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