Dinosaurs of China: Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers

1st July-29th October 2017

This event has ended. Click here to view the details anyway.

Address: Nottingham NG8 2AE
Venue: Wollaton Hall
Website: www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk

World-exclusive exhibition, coming to Europe for the first time! A unique dinosaur exhibition featuring fossils and specimens never before seen outside of Asia, the exhibition will bring to life the story of how dinosaurs evolved into the birds that live alongside us today. The exhibition includes the best preserved dinosaur fossils from anywhere in the world, not just the bones, but also soft parts including skin and feathers. Many of the species are new to science, only discovered and named in the last 20 years, and some as recently as 2015. T: 0115 8763100.

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