Healthy Kidz is calling local schools to sign up to its new digital programme. Designed to provide an online platform that will encourage pupils to maintain healthy lifestyles inside and outside the classroom; it also provides a trustworthy resource for teachers to rely on during this time of uncertainty.


Harnessing the power of technology, this new online platform allows teachers to access a wealth of engaging and fun cross-curricular lesson plans and educational activities via the Healthy Kidz dashboard. It covers physical, wellbeing and general health and each lesson completed adds to every child's health profile, with comprehensive health and activity reports generated on an individual, class and school level. These reports are instantly available for boards of governors, principals, teachers, pupils and parents.


In addition to the dashboard, every pupil has access to the free Healthy Kidz app. The app further encourages all children to continue their health and well-being journey outside the classroom. Pupils redeem points awarded for completed lessons and recorded at-home activities, enabling them to upgrade their Virtual Buddy avatar and move up the Healthy Kidz class league tables.


Healthy Kidz Director of Coaching Paul Carvill said: "We have been working extremely hard on this exciting new venture for Healthy Kidz. Developing our digital programme over the past number of months has resulted in a one of a kind online platform that will help teachers to deliver, record and report on their pupil's health and wellbeing.


"As the result of schools closing, we had to be inventive. Our virtual sports day in June was a huge success with over 500 schools signed up to take part in Northern Ireland. This online solution worked, so school began requesting more online resources. Now we have an online platform that we are really proud of and its potential impact to schools and pupils globally."


Paul adds, "We understand time constraints that principals and teachers are under, so the platform's bespoke design is easy to navigate for teachers and live reporting functions mean the schools can access downloadable data at the click of a button."


Whilst Healthy Kidz is open for schools across Northern Ireland, it is also calling on local businesses to partner with them in order to support the implementation and development of the programme.


If you would like to know more about Healthy Kidz Digital Programme or register your school, please get in touch at https://healthy-kidz.com/


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