‘Activate the app’ and help curb COVID-19

The public in Northern Ireland is being urged to download and activate the new mobile phone StopCOVID NI app and encourage anyone they know to do so too. It will alert users if they have been in close contact with other users who have tested positive for COVID-19.


Download the app

The new mobile app is now available to download from Apple and Google app stores.

The more of us that are using the app, the more effective it will be in preventing the spread of COVID-19 - it could prevent you from spreading the virus to people you care about.

This app, along with the public health advice, is another measure in helping reduce infection rates, to save lives and protect the health service.

This app will support and supplement the Public Health Agency’s (PHA) existing telephone-based contact tracing operation that already exists to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

You can find out more about the app at this link:

The app will be interoperable with the one already in use in the Republic of Ireland, and is also highly likely to be compatible with apps introduced in future across the UK and Europe.

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