Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre Celebrates 30 Years in Business

The team at Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre are delighted to be celebrating their 30th anniversary welcoming visitors from across the globe.
Patricia McCauley, Visitor Centre Manager, said "We opened the doors to our visitor centre on the 28th June 1989. At the time, a brave decision we think!! The pottery had been welcoming visitors on an ad hoc basis down through the years, however it became apparent during the 1980's that a visitor centre was an attraction that tourists would value.
At the time, we were not well known as a tourist destination and relied heavily on local holiday makers with a few travelling from overseas (mainly America) to visit us and see how our pottery was made.
It was somewhat of a gamble to create a tourist attraction for Fermanagh at a time when peace on this island was an aspiration.
It is with great pride that we can say today that we are welcoming tourists from across the globe to visit Irelands oldest working pottery.  We are multi-award winning and continue to work hard to bring visitors to the pottery to participate in our tour. We have welcomed more than 2, 000, 000 visitors over three decades, employed a significant number of tour guides and restaurant staff and have delivered tours to many different nationalities".
Ms McCauley concludes, "This year the visitor centre has already welcomed tourists from America, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, France, G.B and Scotland. We are hopeful of a busy tourist season and look forward to welcoming more visitors for many years to come".

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