Young deaf authors and artists display their creativity

Deaf children and young people from across Northern Ireland are set to exhibit their work at Belfast’s historic Central Library after winning a competition run by the National Deaf Children’s Society.


35 talented winners were chosen for the quality of their work, ranging from sculptures and stories to paintings and poetry. Now they can bring family and friends to see the exhibition which launches today, in Deaf Awareness Week. Refreshments and fun Sign Language activities for children and parents will be running at the Library from 11.30-3pm.


Every year, the Young Deaf Authors and Artists competition gives deaf children and young people in Northern Ireland a platform for self-expression and proves they can achieve anything their hearing peers can. The theme this year was “My Time Machine” and children and young people shared incredible visions of what life could be like, past present and future.

Jamie Rea, former competition winner and guest speaker at this year’s awards ceremony, said: “I remember entering this competition. I didn’t always get an award but that doesn’t matter. I got the opportunity to show my work and it changed my world - that’s what matters most. ”

Alasdair O’Hara, from the National Deaf Children’s Society, added: “The work produced for this competition is of the highest quality and demonstrates what deaf children and young people in Northern Ireland are capable of. Those involved should be proud of their efforts and their creativity.

“It’s important that we all work together to overcome the barriers that deaf children and young people young people face, as we know that with the right support they can do anything that hearing children can do.”

The exhibition opens at 11.30 on Tuesday 7 May and will run until 24 May at Belfast Central Library during normal opening hours.

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