EA Educational Leadership Conference Supports Professional Development of School Leaders

The Education Authority (EA), in partnership with Osiris Educational, today (Wednesday 15 May) hosted its first Educational Leadership Conference attended by over 600 school leaders from across Northern Ireland.

he conference highlights EA’s commitment to strengthening the current support and professional learning for school leaders which aligns to EA’s work in taking forward the Department of Education’s ‘Learning Leaders’ Strategy which has a strategic focus on Teacher Professional Learning. 

EA’s inaugural conference offered access to a world-renowned leader in research-based educational improvement Professor John Hattie, whose work has already been implemented by school leaders across Northern Ireland.

Sara Long, EA Chief Executive commented:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Osiris Educational to host our first Educational Leadership Conference and to welcome internationally acclaimed educational researcher Professor John Hattie as our keynote speaker.

“In taking forward The Department of Education’s ‘Learning Leaders’ Strategy, EA is working to build for the future by ensuring that a coherent system of career-long teacher professional learning is developed to support teachers to lead both self and school improvement.

“The conference today provides an opportunity to bring school leaders together to network, to share knowledge and it promotes collaboration and sharing of best practice through professional learning communities.

“By promoting and supporting the professional development of our school leaders, who work at the heart of our education system, we can better support and challenge our children and young people to be the best that they can be and provide a high quality education for every child.”

Professor Hattie addressed the conference providing a journey through the most up-to-date, visible learning research to challenge school leaders to consider their approaches and interventions which are likely to have a positive impact on learning outcomes for children and young people in schools.

Professor John Hattie challenged school leaders to think differently:

“Visible learning is all about the impact on the young person. We need to see that through the eyes of the children. Teachers building trust and support from their peers are just some of the key elements of successful learning. 

“Create an environment where it’s ok to be wrong. Discuss why and how? Listen to children talk to each other about what they don’t understand and teach them strategies to help them get it right.

“It is wonderful to see so much expertise and great visible learning already taking place in schools in Northern Ireland. I can see that school leaders here are focussed on maximising their impact on students.

“In the spirit of visible learning, let’s take this to the next level.”

Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in workshops led by Laura Kearney, lead Visible Learning Consultant and Judy Pitt, an accredited Visible Learning Trainer, that covered core themes including; ‘Creating Visible Learners’ and ‘Feedback that makes learning Visible’.

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