Bringing STEM on screen to a school near you

To celebrate National STEM Clubs Week 5-10 Feb, STEM Learning is launching a brand-new set of free activities to schools around the UK – including ‘Is there witchcraft and wizardry in the real world’ and ‘Movies and magic’.

The UK STEM Clubs programme is a national initiative led by STEM Learning. STEM Clubs allow young people the opportunity to explore and try new things, increase enthusiasm and interest in STEM subjects and related careers.

The new activities are available to all and free to downloaded from

Whatever the subject base, age or ability, STEM Clubs are a great way to engage young people in science, technology, computing, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Now in its fifth year, Chipping Campden school in Gloucestershire’s STEM Club has recently launched ‘Exploring Space’ an activity that encourages sixth form students to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with local primary pupils.

Jackie Flaherty, the school’s Director of STEM said:

“We’ve found that giving sixth form students the responsibility of teaching our younger pupils in our STEM Club is really successful. It teaches our budding scientists how to communicate their knowledge to others, an essential skill as they progress into careers in STEM-related industries.”

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