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JLO Tutoring, based in Lisburn, offers a truly personalized tutoring experience. With a Masters Degree in Teaching, Jessica's approach to tutoring is based on verified educational research. Primary School students are helped not only with the basic skills, but in their confidence as well.  Her "no stress style" has helped many p6 and p7 students overcome their anxiety about the Transfer Tests so that they can do their best. By identifying where the student is having specific problems, Jessica is able to fine-tune the teaching method to help insure greater understanding of the material. JLO Tutoring insures that the Primary students are ready to succeed at High School, regardless of school choice.
JLO Tutoring also specialises in Maths and Science tutoring for GCSEs and A-Levels. As with the Primary students, Jessica spends the time to determine what specific areas the students are struggling with and then focuses on improving their comprehension of the material. With greater understanding, students can perform better on their exams in a reduced-stress environment.
JLO Tutoring offers a free consultation to help determine if private tutoring is right for your student. Learn more at www.jlotutoring.com, or find us on Facebook.

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