Out of this world photography exhibition faces final frontier at Carrickfergus Museum.

An extraordinary photography exhibition featuring pictures of the night skies across Northern Ireland is launching at Carrickfergus Museum.


‘Heavens Above’ is a collection of award-winning photographs taken by the Irish Astronomical Association (IAA). This is the last chance to catch a glimpse of the exhibition as its yearlong tour comes to an end.


Visitors to the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to see real meteorites and vintage astronomical instruments from the Armagh Planetarium and Observatory. These objects include a lunar globe once owned by Sir Patrick Moore and a 19th century refractory telescope which have never been on loan for public viewing before.


The event will feature talks by Dr Mike Simms on Meteorites and by IAA President, Paul Evans on Night Sky photography.


The IAA will also be bringing the sky above to life with an inflatable star dome. This mobile planetarium will feature captivating star shows throughout the opening weekend.


If the sky is clear, visitors will also be able to use real telescopes to view the night sky, while virtual reality headsets will also give visitors a taste of the great beyond.


The exhibition at the Carrickfergus Museum has been co-ordinated by IAA members Terry Moseley, Paul Evans and professional photographer, Bernie Brown. Bernie and Paul have a number of images in the exhibition.


Paul Evans said, “The starry heavens are a broad tapestry against which a variety of beautiful and stunning events can be witnessed. Many of these are transient and short-lived and to photograph them, it can provide moments of inspiration, vibrant colour and sometimes art.


“The flash of a meteor, the incredible band of the Milky Way with its myriad of stars, or the awe of a total solar eclipse have all been captured in these images. Covering a range of subject matter from the mysterious clouds of the Milky Way, through to the electric colours of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), this exhibition is a must see for everyone.”

Some of the pictures in this exhibition have been taken with specialist equipment from exotic locations, as well as Northern Ireland, in order to capture the very best starlight possible.


Included in “Heavens Above” are category winners of the International Astronomy

Photographer of the Year Competition organised by the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, and also the recent winner of Amateur Astrophotography Ezine’s “Milky Way” competition.


The FREE exhibition will run from 10 November 2017 to 6 January 2018. Entry to the star dome is £2 per person.


For further information please contact Carrickfergus Museum on T: 028 93358241 or E: Carrickfergusmuseums@midandeastantrim.gov.uk

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