EA Chairperson welcomes newly appointed Boardroom Apprentice

The Education Authority (EA) Chairperson, Sharon O’Connor welcomed newly appointed Boardroom Apprentice Seamus Sands and provided a briefing ahead of his first official board meeting in September.

The Boardroom Apprentice Programme is a pilot programme that aims to provide practical experience, training and support to individuals who wish to become board members within public and third sectors.

The highly competitive Programme which received 207 applications has seen the appointment of 29 Boardroom Apprentices across 24 host boards in the third and public sector across Northern Ireland.

The Boardroom Apprentice will function as a board-level observer for a 12-month placement where participants will get to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the role of a board and have the opportunity to network with other board members.

EA Chairperson Sharon O’Connor welcomed EA’s Boardroom Apprentice, Seamus Sands to the organisation for the first time;

“I congratulate Seamus on being selected as the Boardroom Apprentice and I warmly welcome him to the Education Authority.

We are delighted to support the Boardroom Apprentice Programme which is built upon providing training, experience and support and aims to better equip aspiring board members to go forward for board positions in the future.

Seamus will observe at our EA board meetings where he will gain an insight into the role and workings of the board and the organisation. He will also meet people from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and experience.

We hope Seamus enjoys this experience and that it helps prepare him to play a valuable role in the future.”

Seamus Sands, EA Boardroom Apprentice commented on his appointment to the Programme;

“I am delighted to have been selected to participate in the Boardroom Apprentice Programme and to have the opportunity to function as a board-level observer with the Education Authority.

I hope that this experience will provide me with an insight into the workings of a board and provide me with lifelong skills that I can take into a future career.

I thank the Education Authority for this opportunity and very much look forward to participating in my first board meeting in September.”

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