North Belfast primary schools celebrate diversity

Twenty-five primary schools from throughout North Belfast recently took part in a TREK Diversity Day hosted by the Belfast Model School for Girls. 

The TREK (Truth, Respect, Empathy and Kindness) initiative has seen two weeks of activity in schools from all sectors in north Belfast celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity.

The in-school TREK activities are supported by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

The Diversity Day at the Belfast Model School for Girls brought together multi-cultural exhibitors, musicians and artists, with food from around the world prepared by the Education Authority catering service.

The event was organised by Lowwood Primary School Principal David Patterson, and Paula Leitch and Audrey Thomas from the Belfast Model School for Girls.

“The Diversity Day and indeed the entire TREK initiative is about celebrating difference, learning about other cultures and building mutual understanding among our young people,” said Mr Patterson.

The event was supported by Ulster University Confucius Institute, Stranmillis University College and the Education Authority.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported the day which was hugely enjoyable for all the pupils. It is a great example of all school sectors and education sectors working together for the benefit of young people,” said Paula Leitch.

“Exposure to other cultures and identities in a positive way helps promote mutual understanding and personal development.”

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