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Tiska Karate teaches respect, self-defence and skills for life

At Tiska Karate, students are taught the importance of fitness and self-defence. From the outset, they learn that karate is to be used for defensive purposes and are reminded never to use their fighting skills outside the dojo (training hall) except in cases of extreme provocation, and even then, only in self-defence. During the first few weeks of their training, children learn the essentials of basic etiquette. Emphasis is placed on politeness, and respect for their fellow students, instructors and parents. They soon become aware that good manners consist of having the utmost consideration for others. Karate can help equip children with essentials skills for life! T: 07709 327 274 W:


Nursery prepares and nurtures girls to thrive at school

It's official, girls thrive when they can celebrate their ‘fearless individuality’. At Northampton High School, the Nursery has undergone a recent expansion to accommodate the growing number of girls wishing to join them. Led by experts in girls’ education, and cared for by warm and nurturing staff, girls are set off on an exciting path of exploration and discovery as they prepare for school life. Visit now to see the wonderful opportunities that the spacious and well equipped Nursery is offering to girls aged 2-4. W:


Eco-education for Nene Valley Day Nursery children

Growing vegetables, creating animal habitats and crafting with natural materials are just some of the activities that children from Nene Valley Day Nursery in Cliftonville are enjoying as part of their commitment to being green. Nursery Manager, Tracy Smith explained; “Respecting and protecting the environment is an important part of our commitment to give our children the best possible future.” The nursery currently holds a ‘Silver’ Eco-Schools award for exceptional environmental awareness and is working towards the top ‘Green Flag’ accreditation. T: 01604 628444 E:


You’ll find the best kids’ parties at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

You can’t leave everything to chance when it comes to your little one’s birthday celebration, so pre-book a party at Kettering Park Hotel and Spa and relax in the knowledge it will be an amazing success, rain or shine! In partnership with Just-Party who are experts at what they do, they really know how to put on an amazing event! Packages start from £15 per person, with a choice of themed rooms, disco, play area and, of course, the all important party food! And because Kettering Park Hotel knows hosting a children’s birthday party can be exhausting , they’ve got just the thing to help you unwind, with 50% off spa day passes and 15% off spa treatments whilst you wait. To book, get in touch with their dedicated, friendly events team. T: 01536 416666 W: E:


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