North Bridge House Launches Sixth Campus


80 years since it was first established as one campus in St John’s Wood, the highly successful North Bridge House School is now launching a sixth campus, which will extend its unique, specialist offering to families in West Hampstead, as well as those it currently caters for in Hampstead, Islington and Regent’s Park. 

Opening in September 2020, North Bridge House (NBH) Nursery and Pre-Prep West Hampstead will provide an exciting new home for the school’s existing Early Years and Key Stage 1 expertise. Under Executive Head, Christine McLelland, who has made the longstanding NBH Nursery and Pre-Prep Schools the happy, high-achieving and popular North London destinations that they are for children aged 2 to 7 years, the new campus will focus entirely on the same age range. 

“What sets North Bridge House apart is that our Nursery School is totally focused on the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Pre-Prep is focused solely on Key Stage 1. Every member of staff is an expert in these age groups and therefore every interaction that the children experience is age appropriate,” the Executive Head explains. “The staff are all working towards the same objectives, speaking a common language, and our academic outcomes speak for themselves,” she continues. 

Children progress from Reception having become confident mathematicians, able to read and write their own stories at just 5-years-old, while at the end of Year 2 (KS1), 42 per cent of pupils perform in the top 4 per cent of the country for literacy and 50 per cent perform in the top 4 per cent for numeracy. 

While North Bridge House has grown from strength to strength, celebrating results well above the national average at every stage of its academically non-selective, all-through independent education for ages 2 to 18, the Nursery and Pre-Prep provision itself has proven to develop the fundamental skills upon which pupils’ future successes are built. 

The warm and nurturing environment in which children find the confidence to express themselves assertively and creatively offers a rich and varied curriculum, providing children with a fully rounded education and allowing them to develop a genuine love of learning. 

“We believe that happiness is the key to successful learning, particularly in the formative years of education and are committed to providing our young children with an enjoyable learning experience, a curiosity for knowledge and a real sense of achievement,” says Head Teacher, Christine McLelland. 

The new Nursery and Pre-Prep in West Hampstead will share the same innovative and engaging atmosphere as the established NBH Nursery and Pre-Prep Schools, using beautifully designed creative spaces to facilitate not just the academic achievement of its young pupils, but their all-important personal development too. Adopting a holistic, child centric approach to pupils’ learning and progression, NBH Nursery and Pre-Prep West Hampstead will boast calm zones for reading (all pupils benefit from one-to-one reading three to four times a week) and indoor planting, with plans for pet chickens like its sister school’s ‘Cluckingham Palace’, as well as a soft play area. The school will also run the same weekly outdoor experience trips to Cuffley Camp as the existing Nursery and Pre-Prep, where pupils are immersed in mud, nature and new activities which focus on developing resilience, teamwork, self-confidence and communication skills. 

From the school’s focus on enhancing the growth, development and wellbeing of its pupils through regular trips and outdoor play, to initiatives like Philosophy for Children (P4C) and the playground petting zoo - where a mobile farm brings everything from alpacas to bearded dragons to the children’s doorstep - NBH Nursery and Pre-Prep aims to spark curiosity outside of the classroom and provide a fully rounded education. 

“A child’s development is very much a personal journey: children develop at different rates and learn in different ways, particularly in the Early Years of education when curiosity can often and more naturally be inspired by bigger ideas… or creatures!”, explains Christine. 

Situated in the heart of West Hampstead, and placed between West Hampstead and Kilburn stations, the newest NBH school is in an exciting part of the capital. From independent cafes and restaurants to the local farmer’s market, this pocket of North West London is a vibrant place for families to raise their children and the school very much wants to reflect its neighbouring community: just 15 minutes from central London, NBH Nursery and Pre-Prep West Hampstead will provide a stimulating yet homely environment, local yet globally influenced. 

The new school is hosting a launch party this Spring and is accepting applications for places this September. For more details or to make an enquiry, call 020 7428 1520 or email

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