5 key benefits of having a private tutor

With the coronavirus pandemic closing down schools left, right and centre, you may find yourself worrying about the level of impact this is going to have on your child’s brain development.

While schools and teachers are doing all they can to help through the pandemic, these uncertain times can make it difficult for children to properly focus. It’s all well and good setting work for a student to do, after all, but if they don’t actually understand what they’re doing, then it’s not going to help their development.

With this in mind, why not think about hiring a private tutor? While they may need to work on more of a virtual basis to begin with – using video conferencing to chat with your child – having a private tutor can offer a variety of benefits. We have listed a few of these for you below.

1. One-On-One Teaching.
Since your child will typically be situated in a class of around 25 – 30 other students, this can make it difficult for teachers to give each child the attention they require. After all, every child has their own unique way of learning and, unfortunately, due to time constraints, one-to-one teaching isn’t always an option.

This is where having a private tutor can come in handy. Private tutors don’t have to worry about the 29 other kids in the class – their sole attention is on your child and your child alone. They can answer as many questions and go over topics as many times as your child requires, to help them understand what it is they’re learning. Private tutors can also identify what your child’s individual learning style is and adapt their method of teaching to suit.

2. Tailored Learning.
At school, classroom-based lessons often go through the syllabus at a fairly quick pace, which could leave your child struggling to keep up. Private tutors can recognise the areas which need recapping, and provide your child with an opportunity to learn subjects a little slower and ask as many questions as they need.

Whether it be through designing hundreds of Q&A revision print cards, creating mind map after mind map, or writing long-form essays, private tutors match their teaching method to your child’s exact method of learning, enabling them to work at a pace ideally suited to them.

3. Flexibility & Convenience.
One of the biggest benefits of having a private tutor is the flexibility and convenience it provides. If you or your child has a particularly busy schedule, for instance, it’s possible to book in private tutoring sessions at times that suit you best.

You can also decide how frequent you want these sessions to be, and have the flexibility to change them on a week-by-week basis. As a standard example, you could arrange for your child to have one session a week during term time but then up the regularity to two or three a week during a busy exam period.

Not only that, but tutors are also typically happy to come to you and teach in the comfort of your own home. In other words, this means you won’t need to worry about dropping your child off or picking them up anywhere afterwards – you can simply put your feet up and relax.

4. Extended Learning.
At school, children are often only taught the base-level stuff – whichever topics come up on the curriculum. While this may be important from an exam perspective – since they’re only learning what they need to know – from a learning perspective, it can often be beneficial to look beyond the syllabus.

Private tutors do exactly that – teaching children both what’s on the syllabus and, where appropriate, what isn’t. This not only provides them with extra knowledge, but it also develops their skills for time management and organisation, which can help substantially in later life.

5. Achieve Realistic Objectives.
Setting realistic learning goals and objectives for children is imperative to their development but, due to time constraints, it can be difficult for schoolteachers to put much emphasis on these. Private tutors, on the other hand, can, by making your child’s development their entire focus.

A private tutor will work alongside your child to set targets that are achievable and personalised to their way of working. This, in turn, should help increase their confidence and ability to learn, making the seemingly impossible, somehow possible.

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