Explore Learning is inspiring the next generation of mathematicians with University Challenge legend Bobby Seagull as the official ambassador

After weeks of hard work, tough mathematical training and intense competitions, teams from Nascot Wood Junior School and Denmark Road High School have been crowned the winners of the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards.

In the primary school competition, Millie, Moez, Robert and Neha from Nascot Wood in Watford were crowned champions. Meanwhile in the secondary school contest, Liz, Sarah, Grace and Khadeeja from Denmark Road High School were victorious.

The annual competition is organised by tuition provider, Explore Learning, and NRICH at the University of Cambridge with the main aim of inspiring children across the UK to see the fun that maths can bring, push themselves to reach their full potential and to work as a team. The event took place on Wednesday 5 February at the Natural History Museum.

Bobby Seagull, mathematician, teacher and broadcaster, said: “The enthusiasm on display from the teams of children taking part was really inspiring. The children told us why maths matters to them and the range of responses showed a great awareness of the value the subject has in everyday life, from paying taxes to making engineering and physics possible. But more than that, so many of the children said that maths was fun. That’s why celebrating the joy of numbers and problem solving is truly worthwhile.”

The teams competed to solve a never-before-seen mathematical problem under the watchful eye of maths guru and University Challenge legend, Bobby Seagull. Using teamwork, initiative and mathematical prowess, Nascot Wood Junior School and Denmark Road High School scored the highest number of points on the day. While these two schools won the trophies, every child in the finals took home a fantastic maths-themed prize bundle after the competition.

Bill Mills, Founder of Explore Learning says: “There is a huge role in life for maths that goes beyond subject knowledge and looks at practical problem solving. In an uncertain world, this kind of maths can help instil a healthy inquisitiveness and scepticism towards the information we see daily, enabling young people to really put things in perspective. The children from Nascot Wood Junior School and Denmark Road High School should be hugely proud of their achievements – as should all our finalists today who demonstrated their skills admirably.”

Explore Learning is an award-winning English and maths tuition company with 144 centres located all over the country. Over 35,000 children aged 4 to 14 attend their centres each week and, over the course of the last 18 years, have helped over 250,000 children. Explore Learning’s aim is to help every child reach their full potential and get the best results they can, developing a generation of fearless learners.     

NRICH at the University of Cambridge creates unique mathematical tasks that build students’ perseverance, mathematical reasoning and ability to apply knowledge creatively in an unfamiliar context.  Their ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ resources are designed to be accessible to all learners, encouraging exploration and discussion.  

For more information about Explore Learning and how it supports parents please visit  or call 01483 447410. 

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