Sea life launches swashbuckling quest to find missing treasure!

Choose your team this summer!

WHAT: Follow an immersive in-tank trail, choose to be a brave buccaneer or a mesmerising

mer-creature and race the opposing team to find the six pieces of hidden treasure

WHERE: SEA LIFE centres across the UK*

WHEN: 25th May – 8th September**

PRICE: From £9.95

Ahoy! The Jolly Roger has docked at SEA LIFE this summer and the crew are on a mission to find the missing treasure. But wait - an enchanting cohort of mysterious mermaids have also appeared and are on the hunt for the lost bounty too. All guests need to do is decide if they want to be part of Team Pirates or Team Mermaids.

Each team is then in a race to locate the six missing pieces of treasure in SEA LIFE’s immersive in-tank trail. Legend has it that there is a long-lost pirate compass that needs to be found, alongside an ancient mermaid crown which has been adrift at sea for centuries…until now, when guests are invited to recover it.

Along the way, guests will have the chance to learn more about SEA LIFE’s amazing aquatic creatures.

Once the treasure has been found and the quest is complete, guests will get to meet the legendary pirates and mermaids themselves.  Little Landlubbers can learn secret underwater language with one of the enchanting mer-creatures or practice their meanest  ‘ARRRRRR’ with a pirate captain.  But be warned – the scurvy sailor might make them walk the plank!

At the end of the trail it’s all hands-on deck as guests will visit the activity zone featuring a swashbuckling array of activities to keep even the saltiest Seadogs occupied! Adventurers will even receive a gift to take away, keeping them as happy as a clam for the car journey home!

Lucky explorers may even get the chance to witness the spellbinding in-tank mermaid show which will showcase the enchanting magic of these fascinating creatures. Watch as their long hair billows in the waves and the shiny scales shimmer and twinkle in the sunlight.

About Pirates and Mermaids

Visit your local SEA LIFE centre this summer and choose your side - Pirates or Mermaids.

Running from the 25th May to the 8th September at various locations, this immersive trail features two themed routes and is perfect for the whole family to enjoy as a free addition to the SEA LIFE experience. In-tank mer-creature performances take place on select days, so please check with your local site before attending if you wish to see ‘real life mermaids’ swimming amongst the sea life.

Entry starts from £9.95 with prices varying at centres around the UK and Ireland.

All children taking part are able to select either or both trails and will be presented with a free prize as a reward for their search (subject to availability).

Shiver me timbers, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets via and become the next explorer of the seven seas!




* Event may vary between sites.

**Dates vary according to sites:

Great Yarmouth 25 May - 04 Sep

Brighton 20 Jul - 08 Sep

Hunstanton 25 May - 08 Sep

Scarborough 25 May - 08 Sep

Manchester 25 May - 04 Sep

Birmingham 15 June - 08 Sep

Blackpool 15 June - 04 Sep

Weymouth 15 June - 04 Sep

Bray 20 July - 08 Sep

Loch Lomond 20 July - 08 Sep

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