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Stockport Grammar achieves highest inspection rating of “Excellent”

Stockport Grammar's Senior and Junior Schools are delighted to have achieved the highest possible ratings of 'Excellent' by the Independent School Inspectorate following their visit in the 2019 Autumn Term.

The Inspectorate focusses on the achievement of the pupils, including their academic development and on their personal development.

The Inspectors comments about the Junior School include: "Pupils flourish in a community exemplified by exceptionally warm and supportive relationships and a genuine sense of mutual care"

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the Government for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council. (ISC).  The full report can be viewed at



Navigating child arrangements for separating couples during the holidays

Christmas can be an emotive time for separating couples, particularly when children are involved. Child arrangements (previously “custody/access” and “residence/contact”) is a highly sensitive issue for families when talking about separation. Northwest based, full-service law firm Slater Heelis has given us some top tips on what rights parents have and what they need to know when separating:

For more information on child arrangements listen to the Slater Heelis “Case Closed” podcast on Spotify or visit If you have any questions regarding child arrangements, get in touch with an expert at Slater Heelis. T: 0161 969 3131 E:


3 Reasons to sit a KSOL 11+ Mock Exam

The 11+ entrance exam is less than a year away! Ensure that your child is familiar with not only the format and content of the paper, but also the atmosphere of these events. KSOL’s expert 11+ tutors share 3 important reasons why your child should sit a KSOL 11+ mock exam:

1 – Exam environment. As most Year 5 children will not have experienced formal exams, getting your child accustomed to the 11+ exam format will provide an air of familiarity and comfort on the real day.

2 – Identify areas for improvement. KSOL mock exams gradually increase in difficulty throughout the year. This gives you the added benefit of finding out exactly where your child sits with their 11+ preparation at each pivotal stage. Receive a breakdown of your child’s performance within individual subject areas and also a group ranking in relation to others.

3 – Practice makes perfect! A child who has had plenty of practice with the unique format of the 11+ exam and its style of questions will feel much more reassured and confident on the big day.

KSOL have over 16 years of Award-Winning experience in preparing children for the 11plus. Contact them for more information on their 2020 GL & CEM 11+ Mock Exams in Trafford. T: 0161 327 2003 W:


Learn about the ups and downs of an airport at the Runway Visitor Park

The Runway Visitor Park is located at the end of Manchester Airport’s two runways, giving visitors views of the hundreds of daily flights landing and taking off. The Education Team at the Runway Visitor Park offers a variety of tours suited to different age groups and abilities. Visitors taking part in their education tours have the opportunity to board real aircraft, whilst learning about the different job roles that help ensure the airport runs smoothly. Not to forget everyone’s favourite part - hopping into the pilot’s seat! It’s not just about planes at the park; with a playground, picnic areas, aviation shop, and a restaurant, there’s something to keep everyone entertained! Get in touch to make your booking. T: 0161 489 3932 W:


Play Factore hosts the ultimate children’s party!

Looking for the perfect venue for a birthday, club get-together or any special celebration? Look no further, Play Factore has got you covered. They have the tallest standing indoor slide in the UK, as well as a full indoor laser tag arena, go-kart track, exhilarating zip wire and stimulating virtual reality environment. As children’s play areas go, Play Factore offers the full play package. It is also the ultimate kid's party venue and promises to deliver a party like no other in the UK’s largest family entertainment arena! W:




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