Alternative Easter Egg Hunt ideas

Whilst children love an Easter Egg Hunt, parents don’t always enjoy dealing with sugar fuelled children, so we’ve found alternative hunting ideas that don’t involve chocolate.


Reverse Easter egg hunt

Arm the children with empty eggs and send them on a mission to fill them. Choose a theme, such as certain coloured items, and see which child can fill theirs up the quickest.

Handpicked rewards

Let the children pick non-chocolate rewards they’d like to receive, such as staying up for an extra 15 minutes or having their favourite meal for dinner, and place these in an empty egg. Hide the eggs and any rewards they find are theirs.

Lunchtime hunt

Hide picnic items, such as Babybels, around the garden and have the children hunt for them before sitting down for a feast.

Easter egg bingo

Give each child a ‘bingo sheet’ marked with things you find at Easter, for example, daffodils or hot cross buns. Then walk round the garden, or your local park, and challenge your child to spot as many of the items on their bingo sheet as they can.

Fancy dress hunt

Place different dressing up accessories around the garden for your child to find and put on. This doesn’t need to be expensive - some homemade bunny ears, cotton wool tails and card hats are all easy to make and great fun to wear.

Active eggs

Fill each egg with activities to get the children moving some more, such as hop like a bunny or do a chicken dance. The crazier the challenge, the more fun the children will have.

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