Ten2Two's Checklist for Change

Now the days are getting lighter and the first daffodils are emerging, it’s an ideal time to focus energy on you and your goals. If one of those goals is finding a new job or returning to work, Ten2Two, your local flexible recruitment agency can help. 

Here’s their really useful exercise to help establish if you’re in a good place to start your job search. 

Take a look below and score yourself on each heading out of 10. Ideally you’re looking for 7’s and over. 

Look closely at any areas scored below 7 and set yourself actions to address them. 

What job? 

Do you know what you want to do? Think about what makes work enjoyable and fulfilling for you, what you would be good at and the type of company you’d ideally like to work for 

How many hours? 

There are many roles offering flexible hours – how many hours would you do for your dream job? 

Are your skills up to date? 

If you’re looking to return to work or change jobs, do you have the right skills for your dream job? Are they ready to be tested? Do you need a refresher or some training? 

What salary? 

Do you know your market value? What benefits are important to you? Research the market to make sure you don’t undersell yourself and think about what salary you might be able to sacrifice if other benefits like part-time hours are more important to you. 

What are your childcare costs? 

Do you know the range of childcare available to you and the likely costs. It’s good to know this (and any other costs such as commuting) before applying for jobs so you know that the salary can easily cover them. 

Do you have the right image? 

Do you know what is worn in the workplace in the industry you’re seeking to work in? 

Change ready? 

Are you ready to be separated from your kids, partner, current routine or comfort zone? How is your confidence and self-esteem? 

Ten2Two are your local recruitment agency specialising in flexible and part-time jobs across Herts, Beds and Bucks. Register today to start your new job search. 


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