Practice makes perfect, or does it?

Preparing for the secondary transfer 11+ tests can appear overwhelming and confusing, making it stressful for all the family. 

Whilst some children are tutored, the actual secondary transfer test will probably be their first experience of a formal test of this size. Yet at the young age of 10/11 years, they only have one chance to get it right. 

Tutoring is only one element of preparing for exams so just like an athlete, students need to train and attend a friendly event, where they can learn from ‘marvellous mistakes’ without the worry and consequences of getting it wrong. 

Mock Tests offer this opportunity, children experience what it’s like to walk into an exam environment, to sit with children they don’t know, to listen to instructions without the support of parents or their tutor. Being exposed to a mock test helps to reduce nerves and build confidence , to learn and improve skills so they are ready for the big event, the real test. The sooner they attend, the more resilient they become and the better prepared they are.

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