3 is the perfect number

As we approach the new year, those Year 5 students who have been tutored or have parents helping them, will now start to understand the content of the tests they will undertake in September. However, this is only one part of the preparation, practise is a key element as small steps builds success.

For most, the actual secondary transfer test will probably be their first experience of a formal test of this size so can be overwhelming.

Research shows that students can under-perform in their fi rst test by up to 20%, so experiencing a real test environment and attending a mock test, will help students to overcome their nerves and anxiety, whilst developing exam techniques and importantly being able to learn from their mistakes.

3 is the perfect number.* Students sitting a 2nd mock are less worried about the environment and format, a 3rd mock allows them to focus on delivery and ability.

Mock Tansfer Tests ethos and approach is one of care and nurturing which is encapsulated in their logo “When a helping hand is all you need”.


*Every child is diff erent, some may benefit from more than 3.

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