What is part-time working?

Working full time and trying to fit in ‘everything Christmas’ can be a challenge! Christmas fayres, nativities, carol concerts and gift buying require super organisation. Working part-time can be a great help, freeing up time within the working week. But what counts as part-time?

Ten2Two, a local recruitment agency specialising in part-time and flexible working, is often asked about the different formats available for someone who wants to work but needs time available for other commitments in their life.

Here’s their quick summary of the formats that they see working successfully:

Part-time day: the most popular format, this is working reduced hours every day such as 10am-2pm. 

Part-time week: also a very popular format, working say 3 or 4 full days per week is often ideal to create a good work/life balance.

Part-time day & week: this is reduced hours and days, ie, working 10am-3pm four days per week. This works well if you’re locally based and need a clear day or two to focus on things outside of work.

Job share: two people sharing a full time role – works well for companies who need full time cover. 

Working from home: becoming a more popular option but requires selfdiscipline.

Condensed hours: a way of working (and being paid for) full-time hours but condensed to free up space in the week, ie a nine-day fortnight.

Ten2Two work across all sectors and at all levels and regularly place candidates into lovely part-time roles across Hertfordshire and beyond helping people achieve that all elusive work/life balance.

If you’re looking for a new parttime or flexible role, register with Ten2Two today to see what’s out there for you.

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