Tips on having a stress free Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… or are the kids bouncing off the walls in a sugarcoated frenzy?

Here’s some tips on keeping stress to a minimum and enjoying Christmas with your little ones.

1. Pick a date: that Christmas prep will start, to keep the run-up under control. Maybe the day you put the Christmas tree up.

2. Presence over presents: remind little ones what Christmas is about, reinforce that family time and kindness is just as important as presents!

3. Manage gift expectations: pick present categories – e.g. a reading present, a creative present, something to wear, sweetie present, a game or a toy.

4. Routine: stick to the regular bedtime and waking routine – even if it’s moved a little later on each side – help to manage moods.

5. Keep them busy: delegate simple Christmas tasks and keep the kids involved and occupied.

6. Get outside: don’t forget there’s nothing better than fresh air and a run around to wear out excitable kids (and adults!)

7. Share the timetable for Christmas Day: e.g. when they can have their presents, dinner, when Grandma will arrive – so they know what to expect.

8. Most importantly, take a moment for yourself: don’t stress, accept imperfections. Does it matter if things go wrong on Christmas Day? Keep it simple, manageable and serve up the Christmas that everyone enjoys!

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