New Year weight loss!

If you’d love to slim down and feel better about yourself this January, Slimming World groups are inviting you to join them for support with your weight loss in 2020!

If anyone in Hertfordshire is thinking of embarking on a weight-loss journey this January, Slimming World is definitely the place to be – they have five decades of experience helping millions of people to lose weight and Our Food Optimising eating plan is based around satiety and energy density – eating real foods that are best at satisfying your appetite and have fewest calories per gram of food – so you learn how to make healthy choices and lose weight – and keep it off – without feeling hungry.

There’s no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to losing weight and Slimming World has always offered sustainable, long-term weight loss, so it’s defi nitely the best choice for anyone wanting to get slim for life this January – and to have a great time in the process. With everyday family favourites to enjoy at Slimming World they love welcoming new people to their group and seeing them discover that they can lose weight without ever feeling hungry or deprived – and celebrating with them as they do.

At Slimming World the promise is of weight loss with no hunger, no judgment and freedom from guilt. They look forward to welcoming you to their friendly supportive groups. or call 0344 897 8000.

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