Performing Arts

Primary Times takes a look at the importance of performing arts in education

Encouraging your children to take up performing arts can have a positive impact on their development. Acting, singing and dancing in a youth group is a great way for your child to socialise in an activity that involves group work with their peers, taking guidance from teachers, as well as improving their social skills, communication and confidence.

Throughout education, your child will have to create creative presentations, stand up confidently in front of an audience and socialise with different children throughout the years in school. Drama groups can really help to develop these skills as not only do drama clubs provide engaging activities and games, they also teach children how to memorise lines or directions, which is helpful for tests and to use their imagination.

Equally, group work will improve children’s listening skills as well as their speech, to sound clear and effectively communicate with each other, teachers and an audience.

The arts encourage your child to flourish and can be a fun activity for your child to enjoy, as well as being educational and assist their development.

To become another character, children have to step into their shoes and think about how these events would make their character feel and how their actions would make other people feel. This encourages children to feel empathy with each other and be more aware of how their actions effects others and themselves. All of these skills will be vital to their learning in all fields whether it’s the arts, science, Maths, history or geography.

Keep an eye out for local drama groups, whether that’s within or outside of school to give your child the chance to cultivate their creative flare and grow in confidence.

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