Are school cleaning services beneficial during covid?

As you'll know, school cleaning services are fantastic at keeping your school in great shape throughout the year. School cleaning can make classrooms shine as bright as the brightest students in your school. However, right now it's vital to keep up with school cleaning during the covid outbreak.

Many schools during this time have seen covid sweep through their facilities and affect students and teachers. Of course, a reason why schools have had to close for so long during the outbreak of covid is because of the high number of covid cases in the school system. But does that mean that schools should stop any cleaning services during this downtime? Absolutely not, and here's why.

Can schools still benefit from cleaning services during covid?

Many cleaning companies, including ourselves, provide many different cleaning services that schools can take advantage of. If you already use our school cleaning services, you will know that we can clean all classrooms, mop, vacuum, dust and a great deal more. However, the extent of cleaning now required in schools because of covid is a lot higher. So instead of stopping professional school cleaning services, it is best to switch the cleaning service that you are getting from a professional cleaning company.

At Cleaning Express, we offer antiviral cleaning services that are perfect for schools during covid. These cleaning services can protect your students and your teachers as they kill all bacteria in your school. Or cleaners enter your school and lay down an antiviral cleaning solution that kills any bacteria on the surfaces in your school. It takes about an hour to work, but after that, your students and your teachers are protected from covid and many other illnesses.

So, yes, school cleaning services are greatly beneficial during covid and more important than ever. Now is a brilliant time to get your school clean and ready for your students and teachers. Fingers crossed, teaching will soon return to normal, and you will need your buildings to be thoroughly clean and safe for everyone to learn and laugh once more. Regular school cleaning is brilliant, and Cleaning Express will always offer these services. However, during covid, schools need extra protection, and that is where our antiviral disinfection cleaning services really come into play.

If your school is in London and you'd like to take advantage of Cleaning Express' antiviral disinfection cleaning service in your school, just get in touch. Whether your school has seen an outbreak in covid or not, these cleaning services are a great way of protecting your students and teachers and ensuring that your school is ready when everyone returns to normal life. Education is vital, and a clean environment to learn in has never been more important. Professional school cleaning services are a great way of ensuring that your school is clean. Still, antiviral disinfection cleaning services go a big step further to making everyone in your school safe.

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