9 Simple and Effective Ways You Can Teach Computer Programming To Your Kids

The digital world is prominent in today’s society – technology is the basis of most sectors and industries and is needed everywhere. Those that are not familiar with technology, may not always adapt successfully and may have reduced opportunities in society. This is why so many people decide to start teaching children computer programming – the younger you are when you start learning a subject, the more likely you are to enjoy it and memorize it for the rest of your life.

If you are a parent or care for any children, you may know that teaching them something new can have its challenges, especially if they do not understand the importance of them learning a new topic or skill. In this article, we will provide you with nine simple and effective ways you can teach computer programming to your kids. 

The very first thing you need to do before you start teaching computer programming to your kids is to understand the topic yourself. Coding can be a difficult subject, as it consists of maths and data analysis, and not everyone has a passion for this. You cannot just simply expect your child to start playing with a computer and all of sudden understand how programming works and what they can do. They will need some support along the way – even if you find someone else with the appropriate skills to teach them, learning about computer programming is still a good idea so that you can discuss this with your child and motivate and praise them on their work and progress.

As we mentioned previously, coding can be a difficult subject to learn and to teach. You may want your children to learn this because you are aware of the benefits it will give them in the future, but if they do not understand this themselves, it will be difficult to teach them. No one ever learns something when this is put against their will. Therefore, sit with your children and discuss the subject – find the fun in coding and allow them to see this for themselves.

Everyone has a different learning style – some people enjoy being practical and independent, whilst others are visual and like to watch someone do something to learn. Remember that what works for you may not work for everyone else. This is important to understand, particularly if you have more than one child. If you want your children to learn this new subject, you must make it easier for them to learn. You can ask them directly about their preferences or you can try different methods until you see that they are learning and also having fun with it at the same time.

Long gone are the days where you needed to sit with students and give them all the information you may think they need to learn. Nowadays, there are so many different methods of technology available, it makes sense to use this, particularly when learning computer programming. You can use apps not only to teach the children but also so that they participate in exams and see how they are progressing. This is a good way to teach them, as apps are often developed by experts in the subject, therefore if you do not have the appropriate skills, you can be guided by these applications.

Games are another way to help them teach – we previously touched on the subject of fun and the requirement to make this subject fun if you want the child to learn. Almost every child enjoys games, therefore it is a smart move to use these. There is a range of different ones available online that your children can use. This way, they will be learning something new and having so much fun they will not even realize the difficulty of the subject and they will surely be more interested in it.

Evidently, when it comes to computer programming your child will require a computer so that they can work with this. One of the best things about coding is that children can experiment with it as much as they want and be creative with their work. If they have their own computer, they are much more likely to be excited about computer programming and they are more likely to try and experiment with it more often.

One of the best ways you can teach your child is by giving them their space, contrary to what many people may believe. Making mistakes is the best way to learn anything in life, therefore you should allow them this space to be independent. Let your children experiment with coding and make their own mistakes, if they are struggling with something, which they surely will, they must try and solve this on their own. This will help build their resilience, not only when it comes to coding, but life in general.

We mentioned above that you may need to learn coding yourself in order to teach your child – however, we understand that this subject is not for everyone and you may have a lot more responsibilities and lack the time and energy to learn something new. The best way to teach your child, if you can’t do it yourself, is to find an expert in the subject that can help with this. This may be costly, but it will provide your child with the appropriate knowledge and the professional may be able to find better ways of teaching them. However, make sure that you are still part of this journey with your kid – if you can’t learn the whole subject, you can at least learn the basics.

The worst thing any parent can do when teaching their child is to force them into something. This will make them upset and potentially resent you. If you have tried different methods to teach your child, and it has not worked, coding is probably not something they are passionate about, therefore you should not force them.

Computer programming has many benefits in the work sector and it also provides individuals with essential skills and abilities for everyday life. If you want to teach this topic to your children, make sure you use the simple and effective ways discussed above, so that you can do this successfully. 

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