Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Superhero Academy: Environmental Adventure



"This is a completely unique show. The children are participants in the show and so it is 100% interactive and varied. The content is fantastically interesting and the delivery could not be better."


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Two female superheros (gold knee high boots and green capes) want to save planet Earth. This interactive workshop is quite something and is not to be missed. Even the shy children were desperate to join in and all the children from age 3 to age 10 were hanging on the superhero's every word!

The superheroes take the children on a quest to save the world through recycling, reducing and reusing. This message is told in a fun and active way. There is fantastic puppetry; with the orangutan being the favourite for my children, talking rubbish bins, lights being turned on and off by the children (instructed by a giant light switch), children emptying, sorting and filling recycling bins, snow ball fights, drawing, fun kinaesthetic quizzes and a whole lot more.

This is a truly educational, fun and moral show. It is set in The Pleasance Green which is an enormous igloo. This makes the children feel special as soon as they enter the space. The hour flies by – our children beamed with happiness from start to finish. They left the show with questions and plans to be superheros to save the planet that will stand them in excellent stead for life. Photo opportunities with the superheros and complimentary superhero masks means we now have mementos from this excellent experience.


Our young reviewer says:


"This is my favourite show so far as we got to be part of the show for the whole hour and we did an amazing good job saving the planet inside the igloo. What's more important than the planet after all!' - Thomas, aged 5


Reviewed on 3rd August 2019


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