Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Hey Diddle Diddle


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:




Hey Diddle Diddle is a truly magical show. It is set in the very beautiful, old fashioned Piccolo Tent. The beautiful wooden seats and red velvet curtains added hugely to the ambience.

The show has two actors who change character. The cat plays the fiddle beautifully. There is enchanting puppetry and the lighting, music and aura of the show is magical.

My children, aged 2, 3 and 5, were engrossed and sat with inquisitive smiles on their faces for the whole show. The dish runs away with the spoon in an exciting car chase and the cow is being trained how to be a human... there are numerous laugh out loud sections for children and adults alike.

The show has so many elements to it - music, humour, lighting, fiddle playing, puppetry. This makes the show rather exceptional as it is not often that one show has so much variety. A must-see show. My 5-year-old approached the show saying he thought it would be for babies and said he absolutely loved it afterwards! My 3 year old smiled with wonder for the whole show - it gave us parents such joy just watching him!


Our young reviewers say:


"The best bit was when the cow was going up to space and squirted the audience with his udders!" - Thomas, aged 5

"I have never seen a silver spoon dance and sing before in such a huge tent'" - Alexander, aged 3


Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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