Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Don't Mess With the Dummies


Credit: Ben WeinsteinOur Primary Times' reviewer said:


Don't Mess With the Dummies is performed by an all-female group from Australia. They are fun and enthusiastic and bring the audience into their jungle world even before the show starts - we appreciated being complimented on the way in about our matching coats!

They connect with the audience throughout by coming down off the stage and running around to interact, and get everyone to join in during different moments, and if you are lucky you might get picked to dance on the stage. They entertain throughout using slapstick humour, circus tricks and entertaining props.

The singing sleeping bags and giant banana are definitely worth a look. There is some audience participation and do watch out for the flying popcorn and other missiles. It's quite a fun show and is great entertainment for small kids as there is no complicated plot or dialogue but lots of funny faces and gags throughout.


Our young reviewer says:


"The tricks were good and I liked that the lady spoke to us on the way in and noticed our matching coats!"  - Jaime


Reviewed on 7th August 2019


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