Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Wee Seals and Selkies


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Wee Seals and Selkies is a Scottish gem of a show set in the highlands of Scotland. So many shows in the fringe are not reflective of Alba's fine traditions and language so it was a relief to see a truly Scottish show.

Two stories are told in this one show. The first is about a selkie and the second is about a baby seal. Janis MacKay tells the story and encapsulates the sea scene beautifully, allowing the audience’s imagination to run wild. There is enchanting live fiddle music, including The Skye Boat Song, throughout.

Janis asks the audience to join in with questions, noises and banging which keeps everyone engaged. There is something magical about a true traditional story teller and it is a welcome break from the 24/7 nature of modern society. With a black backdrop on the stage and some simple props such as a lobster creel and wooden fishing boat, the children used their imaginations to the full.

This show comes highly recommended. Janis is available after the show to say hello and sign books. The venue also has some interactive exhibitions, making the whole experience very pleasant indeed.


Our young reviewer says:


"I am going to remember the wee seal calling for his Mum forever. I didn't know a baby seal was white. Imagine a seal living in your garden. I'm so glad his Mummy came back for him" - Thomas, aged 5


Reviewed on 3rd August 2019


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