Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Topsy and Turvy's Twisty Turny Journey


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Topsy and Turvey have been given the super dooper important task of bringing, Joey, a little kangaroo, is trapped in a maze! back to the Aussie Zoo. But the maze is full of magic and they embark on a Twisty Turny Journey where they encounter not only heaps of Aussie wildlife, but also meet giant dancing seagulls, a talking rocket ship and a kooky kookaburra that won't stop singing!

The audience helps Topsy and Turvy by dancing, singing and use you silly side to help get through the many tricks and turns off the maze.

Great for kids 9 and under, full of nonsense and sillyness. Aiden (7yrs 8mths) joined in with the daftness and thought the jokes were great and he loved the dance they had to do. Astrid (3yrs and 10mths) loved the ear muffs the zoo keepers wore and the kookaburra.


Our young reviewers say:


"I want those ear muffs, mummy"

"I loved the dance, it was really funny"

"These guys are funny" - Aiden (aged 7 years 8 months) and Astrid (aged 3 years 10 months)


Reviewed on 5th August 2019


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