Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Tom Brace


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:


Tom Brace: Brace of Spades is a fun-filled hour of amazing magic and hilarious comedy. From the moment Tom entered the room the energy levels were high, and he kept that level of engagement with the audience throughout.

The show had plenty of moments of “how did he do that?” but Tom didn’t settle for just wowing us with his magic, there was lots of humour and plenty of audience participation too, resulting in a really enjoyable show. The hour flew by!

One of the themes of the show was probability, which included Tom’s family-friendly (though still a bit terrifying) version of Russian Roulette - a nail-biting few minutes that left the audience united in a sigh of relief at the end. There was lots of audience participation, which really added to the enjoyment, Tom is very likeable, and treated all volunteers with great good humour and friendliness.

Tom Brace: Brace of Spades is a family magic show for ages 8+, this seems like an accurate age recommendation and our family would certainly recommend going along, children and adults alike will have a fantastic time.


Our young reviewer says:


“I thought the magic show was very good and he was very good at it. He is a very funny and talented magician” - Doris, aged 11

“Really cool magic, funny as well, and the audience participation part was done well, it was fun and not intimidating. I’d recommend it.” - Albie, aged 15


Reviewed on 3rd August 2019


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