Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure for Kids


Primary Times' reviewer said:


Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure is a captivating show demonstrating incredible beatboxing as well as teaching some basic sounds so we can all become “superstar beatboxers”.

The show included some basic history of beatboxing, which was a particular highlight for my son. Watching and listening to the incredible range of sounds being produced by just his mouth was mesmerising. SK was really engaging with the children in the audience and had four volunteers on stage for one section.

The show, set in Ermintrude - which has tiered seats making it easy for children to see the stage - begins with some incredible demonstrations of beatboxing that are truly breathtaking, followed by a brief background about beatboxing as well as Shlomo himself, before teaching us all some skills - skills that my kids were practising for some time after the show.


Our young reviewer says:

Thomas, 10, said “I enjoyed trying out beatboxing”. Rachel, 9, said “I liked how SK Shlomo taught us how to beatbox”.


Reviewed on 1st August 2019

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