Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of The Man Who Planted Trees


Our Primary Times' reviewer said:



The Man Who Planted Trees is a wonderfully warm and thought-provoking show. The two performers combine storytelling, acting and puppetry to create a delightful tale of an old shepherd who, along with his dog ‘Dog’ collects acorns, sorts the good from the bad, and then plants the good ones. He does this every day for years, not only with acorns, until the barren valley where he lives is a lush woodland, transforming both the environment and life there for its inhabitants.

Though the story is set at the start of the twentieth century, it is very relevant today, and is told in a sweet and poetic style that is just delightful. It is also laugh out loud funny for much of the performance, Dog is a wonderful character who had all ages in the audience in stitches and will keep any child entertained. The clever humour is mostly word play, so the recommended age of 8+ seems spot on, the set is charming and also surprising, its apparent simplicity belies the varied scenes the performers create with subtle shifts in the arrangement.

The Man Who Planted Trees has been returning to the Fringe for 13 years and I can see why it remains a favourite - our whole family loved it and were unanimous in giving it 5 stars. See it if you can!


Our young reviewers say:


“Great performance and very funny, I really enjoyed it” - Doris, aged 11

“Really well done. I thought it was really funny, they were great actors and they played their parts very well. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 5 stars!” - Albie, aged 15


Reviewed on 20th August 2019


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