Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Morgan & West: Unbelievable Science


Our Primary Times' review:




Science can sometimes be a bit boring... oh the effects are good and the sounds fun, but sometimes the explanations and the demonstrators can make things a bit on the dull side. Not so with Morgan & West... they have taken their penchant for comedy and magic and dragged science into the mix so that you have one very entertaining cocktail that's worth every penny.


"If science was like this at school, I'd want it every day!" says Hailey aged 10. This clever and insightful show works it own little bit of magic - making kids interested in potentially boring school stuff. Right at the start the stage and the costumes have the 19th century feel that is regular for Morgan and West-time travelling magicians. The whole stage feels like you've gone back in time and Messers Morgan and West have a chat with the audience whilst they are being seated.

The show kicks off with some interesting chemical reactions including one using a 'long range water device' or a water pistol to us modern folk! Things then move swiftly along to optical illusions and gravity with a heavy helping of comedy slapstick along the way.... boring science teaching this is not. Our 'Masters of Illusion' then involve the audience on stage with some audiology perception problems and then we all got to see how 3D is created by using our paper 3D glasses. Whilst talking of light and dark in one experiment Mr Morgan treats us to some fabulous Star Wars analogies just to make sure we're not taking it all so seriously.

The atom/electrons demonstration was quite simply spell-binding, and in true magician style we all said "how on earth did they do that". Follow that with some excellent optical and electrical experiments and you have a truly entertaining way to teach science to a thoroughly engrossed audience. Put quite simply... great science with hilarious hosts!


Our young reviewer says:


“This is the best show ever... I can't wait to try some science at home now" - Hailey, aged 10.



Reviewed on 2nd August 2019


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