Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Mark Thomson's Spectacular Science Show


Our Primary Times' review:


A truly spectacular and explosive show full of drama and some really cool science too! Mark brought the show plenty of ooohs, ahhs and plenty of dramatic sparks and bangs. Right from the start, Mark asked who was keen on science – and by the end, even those kids who said ‘No!’ (and had probably been dragged there by their parents) would have to admit that science was pretty fun! But, this might not be a show for those with a nervous disposition!

Dispelling expectations – are flames always yellow and red? The show starts with glowing tumblers of bright red, blue and green flames. But, we are soon onto gas balloons that go off with a bang (more than a squeaky pop!)

Charlotte, aged 8, loved the fire tornado best. This show is good for all the senses – hair raising at times and also to test your hearing – don’t kids just love it when they are better at something than their grown-up companions? Even if a few of them might get caught out! Rose (Charlotte’s twin) had done one of the experiments at school before – but was still impressed when 10 capsules flew into the air with a pop.

There are a quite a few opportunities for audience participation – and, not just for the children. Mark instils trust in the audience but also, gives a good lesson in safety. My girls were impressed that Mark told the audience about how to take care at home and when to use the right equipment.

I’m sure mums will also be pleased that they don’t end up with holes carved out of their dustbins. This is a captivating science show where young and old sat on the edge of their seats and the hour flew by. This is a show that has to be seen to be believed!


Our young reviewer says:


“Mark does some really cool stuff!" - Charlotte, aged 8



Reviewed on 4th August 2019


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