Primary Times Children's Choice Awards review of Jarred Christmas and Hobbit: The Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show


Our Primary Times' review:


Just to clarify any confusion (much adult confusion in the queue, pre-show, as to exactly what we had bought tickets for)…

“Jarred Christmas” is the comedian and “Hobbit” is the professional beatboxer both are brilliant! (Both have been on CBBC shows). It was an elating combination of seriously awesome music and laughter.

We loved it. Great humour appealing to every age, and the audience was really part of the show from the beginning to the end – particularly the kids.

The highlight was the audience composing our own beat box sample with our own voices. Everybody left this show with a spring in their step! 


Our young reviewers say:


Madeleine, aged 9 (who got to demonstrate her hoola hooping skills as part of the show) said: “it was vibrant, loud and happy and I loved the music – they were very funny – it was so good that we got to make up our own beatbox tune.”

“I liked when they beatboxed.”  - Grace, aged 5

“I liked how the beatboxing was going on – I wasn’t expecting that, I really liked it.” - Elsa, aged 5



Reviewed on 4th August 2019


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